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Your brand identity isn’t just a logo and a pretty picture.
It’s the soul of your company; a spirit and image that inspire emotion and create results.

Building a brand means building trust and engaging customers on a level that is significant and personal to them.  Successful brands are trusted, unique, and visionary.  It goes beyond a logo and design and becomes a strategic push to create iconic symbolism in the mind of your customers.  We work with our clients to build the foundation of their future brand and help them to ensure success.

Want to know what happens when you have a great brand identity?

Employees rally around it. Customers engage with it. Business flows to it.
If you’re committed to having the best brand possible, let us tell you what we can do for you.

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  • Logo Design
  • Business Cards
  • Letterheads
  • Social Media Profile Design

The Brand Identity Process

This process is the start or rejuvenation of your brand. A corporate identity includes a logo, color scheme, and design scheme personalized for you. Our graphic designers evaluate your target audience and competitors before we begin design production. We then explore colors, shapes, layouts and consider how the intermingling of all these elements will communicate to your target market.

In creating your brand, our graphic designers work closely with you to advise and create a logo that communicates emotionally and represent “who” your company is.

1. Choosing Your Icon

We start with an idea for an icon that fits your name, niche, or product. We use stock vector objects as a base to derive a new icon or we can custom draw the icon you envision.

2. Font Selection

Based on our consultation we will discuss the best fonts that would fit your brand. Various fonts will be presented to see which one pops out the most.

3. Composition

The Final stage in design is the composition of your brands icon and typography. A series of compositions will be created in black and white and color to determine quality of the logo under various sizes and marketing needs. 

Logo Examples

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